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Patrick McAneny

It seems that many owners are opting to switch from their Rocna anchors and buy a larger Mantus ,considering the expense ,I am wondering why. Has many of you drug anchor with the Rocna? I never have ,in fact last winter my Rocna held me and a 47' Catana that drug anchor at 4am., hit my boat and then his anchor slid up my chain to my bow , my Rocna 33 held both of us for an hour in 30- 35 kt. winds ,before finally breaking out. I do wish I had the 40 for extra margin ,but given my experience over several years ,I am very confident with the Rocna. I put much more time into anchoring than most ,many just drop the hook,with little scope and rarely back down,especially rental boats ,like this Catana. Its amazing how poorly many people anchor,its no wonder many drag. I try to avoid anchoring behind anyone ,this cat anchored a day after me, about 50 yards in front of me, and didn't feel like moving,wish I had. Repairs are finally going to be done this spring.
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Hi Karen,

I am going to fit the Mantus anchor this Spring. I am also going to fit the Anchor Mate.

There is a port and starboard version of the Anchor Mate. Which version do I need?

Mark & Nicky Barter
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