Re: Size of main anchor for Super Maramu

Matt Salatino

I was not going to interject into the anchor conversation, as this topic is akin to religion.
The Mantus is of the latest designs in anchors. Very good. I worry a bit about the original style, in that it depends on the tensile strength of the four bolts holding it together. This is a worry. In addition, there is a frequency of bent shanks. The shank is thinner than competing anchors, and doesn’t tolerate a bending load very well. 
Mantus fixed these issues with their new design anchor. Check it out.


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Hello all.
I am one of those planning to change my current 30 Kg. stainless steel Bugel for a 48 Kg. galvanized Mantus. I confess that I have doubts between Mantus and Rocna because I very much like both. The reason for this change is because I drag anchor in a 35-40 knots wind, although I had 40 meters of chain on a four or five meters mud depth.
But I am open to comments from you, since I don't think I am among the most experienced sailors in this group...
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