Re: Converting my Amel 54 to lithium batteries: what I did, what I like and what I don't like (after one year of full time live aboard use)

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Greetings Scott

We are moving Island Pearl II from AGM to Lithium this week here in Australia, so I just wanted to shout out to you with a huge thanks for all your hard work here and for sharing. It has been a huge help to us!

Our system will not be as complex as yours, and particularly we have decided to go with 24v Lithium batteries instead of connecting banks of two 12v's in series, and we already had the Victron 3000w/70amp Multi Inverter/Charger installed in the "ex wet locker" (our cockpit is fully enclosed so the Admiral never allows wet gear downstairs anyway!). Even on the old AGM's at 450amp hrs capacity, we have never experienced any heating problem with this unit situated there, and we particularly placed it there due to advice about placing it closer to the battery banks. This also had the advantage to us of having both Dolphin chargers still available too as a backup. With 1040w solar, plus two Rutland 1200 wind gens, we have frequently run 3 x full 6.5kg loads in the clothes washer in a single hot sunny day on the batteries alone, but to get to this we had to replace the old Thompson washer with the latest Bosch model 6.5kg washer last year. We don't normally like to run the rear aircon on the inverter for long but now with Lithium we think that would be a real possibility too!

Since we were almost completely running on nature alone before with this existing setup, we very much hope that the switch to 4 x 100Amp hr 24v LifePo4 batteries will be the absolute end of us ever needing the Genset, other than to give it it's normal once two weekly run to ensure we don't "lose it through not using it!"

Wishing you and Mia a wonderful cruising season this year and we do hope to catch up with you if and when you ever sail into Brisbane, Australia.

Best regards

Colin & Lauren Streeter
SV Island Pearl II SM#332
Newport Marina, Brisbane, Australia

On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 11:17 AM Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:
One more thing - I know of another A54 owner who has the 3kva inverter and he stated that it won't run his clothes washer. This is a big surprise to me because my Beko is rated for around 1500 watts I believe. But I guess the startup spike is too high for a 3kva.

Running the washing machine's 3.5 hour program on battery/inverter vs. having to run the genset for that long is one of the reasons I got lfp, so you might want to consider that.
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