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smiles bernard

Thanks for your reply Kent
Hmmm confused still.
Which bit in the photos is the ssb grounding plate connection?

I have 0 ohms when I test between the  copper strap In the transom locker and the rudder post connectors so assumed these are all bonding ?

Thanks again


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You are seeing the grounding plate)cables for the SSB counterpoise.  The copper strap in the bilge is the keel connection to the bonding system and zincs (assuming it is like the SM) which connects to the zincs via the rudder post.
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Hello folks

I’m just in the process of replacing the keel bolt bonding strap on my 1985 Maramu.

It’s led to some head scratching re bonding and grounding and the wiring runs on these lovely boats.

SeaLove has a copper ground plate on the skeg. I assume my radar is grounded to this. Perhaps also my furuno weatherfax etc

Can anyone be kind enough to explain where the connection to the ground plate typically surfaces?

Also to check my assumptions re the bonding system setup. . . .
I think  all bonding cables run onto a connection in the transom as per the photo attached

It ‘looks’ like this copper plate is glasses into the hull and runs down the transom to surface near the rudder via the two tubes shown on the left in the photo below :

For some reason this surfaces as 2 separate cables that then are both connected to the rudder stock, and hence the anode on the rudder :

Does  this bonding setup look about right ?

Slightly confused as to why there are 2 cables here ?

Many thanks in advance

Maramu 162

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