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Yes, the lack of flow is caused by a lack of sufficient pressure. In my experience, the lack of pressure can be caused by:
  1. An open tap
  2. A break in the freshwater circuit
  3. A defective solenoid rinse valve on the water maker
  4. Defective solenoid flush valves on any toilet
  5. Defective anchor wash valve on the anchor wash (freshwater option)
  6. A defective impeller in the freshwater pump. (this pump has a metal impeller)
  7. A broken key securing the impeller to the shaft
  8. A defective one-way valve 
  9. Debris in the one-way valve
  10. Defective or out of adjustment Pressure Switch
        1 - 5 will result in a loss of freshwater.
        6 & 7 will probably result in zero pressure and no loss of freshwater
        8 & 9 can result in no pressure to partial pressure with no loss of freshwater
        10 will probably not be your issue because you said the pump is running constantly with insufficient pressure

        Stuart, the reason I did not go into detail in my first response is that you did not mention any loss of freshwater. The accumulator tank allows your freshwater pump to cycle less and have longer non-running periods. The tank allows for the accumulation of water pressure because of an expandable internal bladder which is supported by air pressure on one side. If/when the internal bladder fails or air pressure supporting the bladder reduces, the pump will cycle more often.

        I hope this clarification helps. I am sure that you understand the accuracy of remote diagnosis, especially with limited information.


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        On Sun, Feb 23, 2020 at 8:45 AM Joerg Esdorn via Groups.Io <> wrote:
        Stuart, I would try the following if the pump runs continuously.  The cause is likely a lack of pressure in the Accumulator tank.  At the tank, there is a blue cover which you can remove and where you can hook up a bicycle pump.  Turn off the pump and pump it up so the pressure shown on the meter is 2 bar.  See pic.  I hope this helps!  

        Joerg Esdorn
        A55 Kincsem

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