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Patrick McAneny

Paul, I just watched some video of a Rocna testing, resetting after a 180 shift,which did show a problem resetting until the boat slowed to one kt. ,They only had a 3:1 scope , I probably never have less than 5:1 and more in strong conditions.They did not test the Mantus ,wish they had. They look so similar in design ,but there may be differences ,that make a difference. I will now simulate myself 180 degree shifts and see how my Rocna performs.While I have experienced many wind shifts over the years ,perhaps never a sudden 180.
 FYI ,Georgetown Marina went belly up and foreclosed on,was auctioned off in Jan. No surprise there,or that there is a massive amount of pension money missing,the Feds are now involved ,with a $2.6 million lien.Glad it did not happen while your boat was there for repairs. Mine was and I had to charge them with fraud ,to get them to return a $10,000.00 deposit they fully intended to keep. 
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We will replace our 40 kg Rocna. The two first year we were super pleased with the performance we had encounter several bad gale nights without moving an inch, but the last year we have noticed that when wind shift 180 degree we have dragged even at moderate winds, that has happened during several occasions, I have googled and found several post about the relatively poor reseting properties of the Rocna. My next anchor will be a Spade.
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