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Fly over Pat, La Rochelle is a great city to visit, even aside from Amel. We stayed in an Air BnB in the old part of town. Just make sure the parts are in stock before you go.



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Gary, I was afraid of that,I had read a previous post of yours ,but thought (hoped) that the $2,600.00 included installation and additional shipping to Puerto Rico. Its amazing to me that shipping would be that expensive. It might be cheaper to fly over with a couple of empty suitcases ,I'm not sure, I'm kidding,always wanted to see La Rochelle . The inserts cost about $850. ,so shipping and duty was approx. $1,700.00.,nuts ! Would you have a guesstimate of what each piece weight was ?

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Hi Pat:

I had the two pieces of rub-rail insert (I call them scupper) shipped from Amel for my hurricane repairs in Puerto Rico in Dec 2017 from Amel.  Price was $2,686 with shipping.  They were about 5 feet too long for each side but better long than short. They came as Bill indicated, on a wooden pallet (sort of a miniature pallet) about 2 to 2.5 ft square wrapped in shrink wrap. They were heavy.    So indeed, the shipping is the greater part of the cost.  About $1,000.  It was covered in my insurance  settlement.  I had been considering replacing mine when Irma/Maria intervened and gave me a bonus in that small way, (didn't make up for the lost year of sailing while repairs were made. The new scupper looks so nice I would consider pressing ahead despite the cost.  When you install it you want to make sure that it is installed in compression because it does shrink a bit.  It is easier to install when in tension but to better fill and assure it doesn't leave a gap insist on putting it in compression.  I also left it a foot too long at the stern and at the 6 month mark I made a final trimming to avoid having a gap due to shrinkage.

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