Re: [Amel] Lee Sails for Sharki 104

Hajé Weisfelt

Dear Dave,

Your misinterpretating my words (maybe because of the quality of my english). I did not say the are flat without shape I said they are flat without loosing their shape.

But even when you misunderstood your comments are wrong.

First, the sails are made from 1st quality dracron It comes from Tejin wich is Du pont (the founder of dracron)(since they use 250000 sq metres per annum I don't think there's enough B quality ;-))

Second, I tried to explain that I found it very good they understood I wanted a different kind of sail GI GII in character. The GI is great for average cruising but for (dutch average 4 a 5 SW) sportive sailing the GII is flatter and better upwind.

Before I ordered I did some research and in Holland they are pretty well known (the produce for Quantum, Elvstrom and UK sails to name a few. The runner up of the IJspegelcup (biggest winter matches in Holland) had 3 year old Leesails. When I spoke with him he told me this was the first time he could use sails more than a season.
Without getting into a discussion about this company (I don't own them) ;-)). In files I put an article about Lee Sails.

And in Pictures you cen see us sailing with the new sails...

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