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Patrick McAneny

Charles, Based on pics Bill sent they appear too big to fit in a large suitcase. I may contact the airline and see if we rolled them into the ticket counter if we could check them thru. Years ago, I know we could check in skies ,even a hang glider about 12' long. But times have changed. Now my wife is all excited about a vacation to France,this might backfire on me and cost me twice as much.
So let me know what you come up with,because I would hate to send $1,700 just for shipping,if that is what it would be. Unfortunately Maud cannot provide a quote on shipping. A ship would no doubt be cheaper than Fed Ex Express, and I am in no hurry,by June would be fine.

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Hello Patrick,

I am refitting and Annapolis MD and need new rub rails as well...

I could help defray the cost of your trip if you can handle another suitcase. Not joking... :)

At this rate, we should consider doing a group buy on an LTL container shipment to the US. I will look into it and report back to the group if I find something.

SV Jupiter
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