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Patrick McAneny

Danny, That is just what I suggested to Diane this morning when I realized they are too big to fit a suitcase. Just roll them in,with a rope handle. Can you still check something thru the size of a tire? Its been years since we used to transport large stuff,I thought there may be new restrictions ,since they have cracked down on baggage in recent yrs. 

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Hi Gary and Pat,
You don't have to put your baggage in suitcases. Just wrap it well and if necessary for handling create a handle. Saves weight too. How many surf boards have you seen as baggage. I've seen quite a few
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Pat,  I'll rummage through my paperwork and see if I can find the way-bill for the scupper shipment and see if it has a weight (standby).  My guess is it would take two large suitcases for the scupper (one for each side) but the weight would be less without the pallet.  

Stand-by for news.

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