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You should see the size of boxes that land in NZ as baggage from China, and go out as baggage for departing Chinese. That's not picking on the Chinese, its just a statement of fact.



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Danny, That is just what I suggested to Diane this morning when I realized they are too big to fit a suitcase. Just roll them in,with a rope handle. Can you still check something thru the size of a tire? Its been years since we used to transport large stuff,I thought there may be new restrictions ,since they have cracked down on baggage in recent yrs. 

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Hi Gary and Pat,
You don't have to put your baggage in suitcases. Just wrap it well and if necessary for handling create a handle. Saves weight too. How many surf boards have you seen as baggage. I've seen quite a few
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Pat,  I'll rummage through my paperwork and see if I can find the way-bill for the scupper shipment and see if it has a weight (standby).  My guess is it would take two large suitcases for the scupper (one for each side) but the weight would be less without the pallet.  

Stand-by for news.

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