Re: Bottom paint removal problem

Mark McGovern

As Doug said, it's not close to your desired location but there is a good company that does hull soda-blasting located at our marina Herrington Harbor North located in Deale, MD (~20 miles south of Annapolis) that has over 25 years experience soda blasting hulls and even some experience with Amels.  I had them take our hull down to the gelcoat last winter.  They did a very thorough yet careful job removing most of the remnants of ~15 years of various bottom paints.  Just be sure to "remind" them that you have a cast iron keel.  

Here is their contact information:

301-261-9201 • 410-867-3022 • FX 301-261-5370 • jj@...

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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