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Doug Smith

Yes, Osprey did mine as well, but I had them use sand blasting on the metal keel. They use a tent to keep containment of the sand, soda and paint that is removed.  Like Mark, I did the coating and repainting myself.  For the keel, Osprey finished the sand blasting and stepped back, and I immediately did a prep wipe down of the metal and coated the keel with the interlux 2000 epoxy.  Within minutes is key.  You can coat the whole keel with two people in under 30 minutes with rollers and brushes.  Then once it is coated, you do it again.  I ended up with 4 coats of interlux and the keel lasted 10 years with only an occasional rust break through the coating.


This is what Osprey does, and they work on super big boats.  They are more than willing to let you do part of the work, and helpful with advice if you have questions.


Doug Smith

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I did not have them blast the keel down to bare metal.  However, they did have to epoxy coat the keel right after blasting since there were some spots where the iron was already exposed before soda blasting and the soda blasting exposed a few more spots.  Thus my comment to "remind" whoever does the soda blasting that it is an iron keel so that they are ready to apply epoxy paint immediately after blasting.  The Iron starts to rust the instant it is exposed.  I ended up doing some more extensive grinding/sanding and epoxy coating to iron keel after their work was done.  Working on the bottom of the keel is NOT fun.  In hindsight, I probably should have just had them do it but I am cheap and a bit pigheaded about these things sometimes.

Mark McGovern
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