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Porter McRoberts

What I didn’t make clear in previous text was that the 3x12.00$ pump relays effectively replaces the expensive and unreliable frigoboat pump controller. So a good, reliable and inexpensive option to have on hand. 
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On this issue.
Had a long conversation with Rob at Costal CLimate.  As usual, a very knowledgeable guy.
His thoughts.  Flojets are super reliable, AS long as they aren't drawing a lot of current, i.e. sucking hard against resistance, or pushing against resistance.

Often a change in pitch denotes strain, I’ve definitely been guilty of letting that go… and with in a short time, at least with my experience, the pump then fails, and off to either the junk yard, or later a take apart.  So now I’ll check amp meter if >1.2 amps check the flow and make sure the water paths are unobstructed. 

Also… they tell me the frigoboat pump controller is very unreliable, as we've noted on the forum.

and 2 24 v pumps as it would have to wired to the 24v bus.

Just some thoughts…



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Thanks Jamie. Yes I have been following this thread about alternatives and wait in anticipation! I have not heard about anyone successfully refurbishing the flowjet.
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Paul, as you have probably read in another long thread about this very subject, you are not alone. Several of us are trying to come with a viable solution that we can all use to deal with these pumps.

Stay tuned if you can wait a bit. I have ordered some parts to construct a variable-speed drive brush-less motor as conceived by Oliver on Vela Nautica - waiting for the parts now. I have been in contact directly with him.

I will start a new thread if I am successful.
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