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Germain Jean-Pierre

Hi M & A,

Their prices seem scary at first but if you divide by 2, you get about GBP pricing.


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Thank J.P. All info helps. I’ll look into the OC.
Happy Sailing;
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
AMEL 54 #099
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Hello Mohammed & Any,
We’ve seen and rode in an OCT tender.  A very sound dinghy with many desirable features sailors appreciate.
We did a long comparative ride in varying sea state conditions; both had identical Yamaha 15 HP Enduro 2 stroke engines.  Our AB was faster if loaded with 2 adults but due to the high deadrise bottom, she did not plane with 4 people aboard.
The OCT is a bit slower but will plane with 4 due to its lesser hull deadrise. However, the AB could maintain a higher speed in rougher conditions.  The OCT rode well but had to slow down a bit.
Undoubtedly, the OCT was far dryer ride.  I have no anything with these people.
Hope this helps.
Jean-Pierre Germain

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Jean-Pierre Germain

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