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I have a pair of ceecoach since 3 years and they work perfect for me.

Maybe you have a look


Fair winds


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Hi Kent,


I have 4 SENA units on board since 1 year; only used 2 or 3 of them. They work fine – no issues necessitating warranty claim.

Sure beats yelling from cockpit to stern or bow.


Best Regards Teun

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Thank you Matt and David.  Your replies indicate the Sena is the best option out there but not without issues.  There are a number of other headsets used by motorcycle riders and police departments, but they require a helmet or separate radio and push-to-talk, and don't really suit our needs.  Too bad they don't have a good reputation for after-market service at that price.

I know a guy who might be in a position to build just what we need....




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Greetings all,

PERIGEE has used 2x Sena SPH10 for 3 years docking/anchoring and mast-work, all OK with the exception that the microphone occasionally disconnects, which CorrosionX sorts out.  We have used in ‘all weathers’, with no adverse effects noticeable thus far, but did take the precaution at 2-1/2 years to get another two headsets, for 3-crew work, and/or to provide redundancy in the eventual event that one (or more) units will fail in service (not just due to exposure to the elements, but batteries seem to be a point-of-failure in tropical environments; having needed to source two new hand-held VHFs recently highlighting this vulnerability in practical terms).

We consider the cost minor in the scheme of things, in order to have reliable and calm communications between helm and deck/masthead-crew.

We have not had any connection problems, although multi-headset set-ups (we have had up to four at once) does require a review of the user’s manual to make sure it works ‘as advertised’.  We recommend the Sena SPH10, and have not seen a viable alternative, but remain interested if someone does find one.

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Hi Amelians,
I want to replace some worn-out headsets we've used for anchoring and masthead work.  They were about $80 US 5 years ago and have been less than ideal since they were new, with static and cheap construction.  I've been looking online and the ones most cited on cruisers  forums are the Sena SPH10 or Sena Extreme Bluetooth sets.  They get great reviews for audio quality, but very poor reviews for warranty/after-market service/and user friendliness for getting them to connect. At $150 per headset, I'm reluctant to buy something that may not be what is advertised to be.

Does anyone have another  brand to recommend?  Experience with the Sena products?

Thanks for any help.
Kent and Iris


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