Re: Insurance for a USA boat

Mark Erdos

About a year and a half ago, we insured Cream Puff with Y-Yacht in the UK
after Pantaenius rewrote the Caribbean policy to a point of being
ridiculous. Many people spoke very highly of Y-Yacht and so far, so good. We
are not US flagged and therefore have more options than US flagged vessels.
I do not believe Y-Yacht will insure a US flagged boat.

During our search for insurance, I was also impressed with Novamar. However,
I think they are in the process of changing.

TopSail in the UK may or may not write a policy on a US Flagged vessel. I
get mixed reports on this. If you join the OCC you can get a discount on
TopSail insurance.

The Jackline policy was stupid expensive. And besides, the point of contact
was so rude I walked away after receiving the quote. You should also be
aware they will require a full out of water survey. They will not settle for
a valuation survey. This is will cost you about an extra $1,000 upfront if
you do not have a current acceptable survey. Our insurance from Y-Yacht was
about $2300 less per year for the same coverage in the same area. (neither
TopSail or Y-Yacht required a survey - Both just wanted some current
pictures of the vessel and were specific about the photos required)

Quite so time ago, I looked at a Florida based company. Owners and residents
of Florida have a hard time getting boat insurance. There is an association
who hunts for A-rated companies and offers insurance at reasonable rate. You
have to join the association for the insurance but not for a quote. Here is
a link:

If someone has a decent agent, please share. Agents hunt for companies at no
cost to the insuree. They get a commission from the companies when they
refer and write a policy. Agents can save you a ton of legwork. I had a good
experience with this agent:

Chris Boome Insurance Agency
LIC# 0A99058
751 Laurel Street #216
San Carlos, CA 94070
O: 650-517-3160 C: 650-464-0728

Think globally when it comes to boat insurance.

The US dollar is very favorable to other currencies and can yield a nice
discount when purchasing insurance in Euros for example.

Pantaenius offices around the world work as individual companies. It might
be possible to get Pantaenius insurance from an office other than

If your vessel is outside of the USA, it may be possible to get a policy
from other reputable companies in the world. One of the most popular
companies for vessels in the Pacific using A-rate underwriters is The Marine

Hope this helps.

With best regards,


Sailing Vessel - Cream Puff - SM2K - #275
Currently cruising - Galapagos

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