Amel water cooled refrigeration & Frigoboat/Fowjet saltwater pump


As owners of water-cooled Frigoboat refrigeration are aware, the Frigoboat 12 volt saltwater pump marked VECO A092319C is actually made by Flojet and is a Flowjet 4105-512 12 volt seawater pump. Owners are also aware that in many cases this pump is proven to have a life of about 1 year, but this depends mostly on the seawater environment where the boat is used. 

Amel first installed this pump in the Amel 54 and actually mounted a spare pump next to the working pump in order that the owner had a replacement when the first pump failed.

Some owners have tried the MARCO UP2/P 10 l/min. In most cases, this has proven to be a poor choice and although I thought the UP2/P was a good choice and MARCO's distributor in the US told me it was a good choice. I am afraid it is not. MARCO told us this week that the UP2/P is not a "continuous duty" pump.

As you know there is a message Topic in our group that has about 100 postings regarding a revolutionary replacement for this pump. Unfortunately, it seems that the vast majority of members don't completely understand one member's description of this revolutionary solution. I certainly do not have enough information to duplicate it. 

My suggestion is to continue with the Flowjet 4105-512 12 volt seawater pump until we can assure a better solution, and to avoid the MARCO solution.

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