Re: Size of main anchor for Super Maramu

Stephen Nicholson

Hello Karen Smith,
From your reply regarding your Mantus anchoring equipment for SM Harmonie.
I have decided to upgrade to the 47kg Mantus anchor, as you have. 
With regard to your other Mantus equipment, can I ask:-
1) Does your Anchor Mate have the metal bracket on port or starboard side?
2) Is your Mantus snubber bridle the medium (3/4inch rope) or large (1 inch rope) size? I ask this because some pundits suggest NOT to have too thick rope on the snubber so that the rope will stretch and not snatch.
3) Are the chafing protectors in the correct places on the Mantus bridle?
4) Is your Mantus chain hook the original version, or the more recent M2 style with locking band? Any problems?
5) Is your anchor chain still 10mm? Have you upgraded your chain?
If you have the time, I would be very grateful for your advice!
Many Thanks,
Steve Nicholson
SM Antigua II #89


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