Re: Size of main anchor for Super Maramu

Mark Erdos

A couple of unsolicited thoughts on the Mantus bridle and equipment:


We purchased the 3/4” bridle version when we first started cruising. It was used maybe twice. I stopped using it because the double bridles become very twisted and removing the bridle becomes a difficult task. At anchor when the winds are light and the boat drifts about, or if the boat swings with the current the lines will twist. Also the lines are very long. If you let out the full length of the bridle, you will find you have more rope than chain out defeating the purpose of having an all chain rode. Of course, you do not need to let out the full bridle but then you are not taking advantage of the chafing guards.


The Mantus chain hook bracket is too large to go over the bow roller. To affix it and remove it one has to hang off the side of the boat and reach down to the chain. This may not seem like a big deal until you need to get the anchor up quickly. This device is now stowed the same place with the bridle. Instead I went the low tech route. I tie a rolling hitch with my 25’ snubber. The snubber is 1” Buccaneer Medallion 8-Strand Plait Nylon Rope offering superior shock absorbency and abrasion resistance. The tensile strength is 31,000 lbs. This has served us well.




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