NavPilot Furuno 511 - Amel 54

Stefan Schaufert

Dear Ameliens,

had anybody (potential?) problems with the autopilot like this?:

Recently we had some error reports on the autopilot (NAVpilot Furuno 511).

2 times: the motor for the steering is „to hot“;
1 time: there is a problem with the ruder angle (but it was only 4°).

I checked everything and found nothing but a red light at the end of the hydraulic cylinder - see attached.


May be the light has to be there, but I do not think so. What does it mean?
I did not find anything about it in the manual.
Otherwise the auto pilot is working fine.

Thx a lot for your thoughts.

Best regards
AMEL 54 N°119 LADY CHARLYETTE, currently Dominica

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