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Blue Water Toilet Flush

Hi John & Vito,

yes I did read with interest what John is trying to do. For Crusader I bought an inline unit from West Marine (sorry but I don't have a catalogue to hand). However it was the type that has a screw cap and pipe outlets on each side and takes cylindrical solid pellets of the blue stuff. I mounted it to a bracket that I made which was then riveted above the water maker inlet filter. I cut the feed to one of the toilet sea water pumps and connected it to the unit. I then tee'd both pumps to the outlet side, having removed and capped one of the feed pipes from the manifold on the forward engine room bulkhead.

It worked well, though the supplied pellets did not last long, so I ended up by buying regular household pellets and breaking them into small pieces with a pair of pliers's cheaper but messy! The trick of using these cheaper pellets is only to use a small piece at a time, else you get a sludge in the dispensing unit that blocks up the tiny exit holes.

I am sure that it helped with the 'smell' problem, though it is messy and you can end up getting the blue all over the place! For my new boat, I shall try a couple of those pellet holders that simply hang from the inside of the toilet bowl. I have seen them on another yacht and they seem to work well, though it won't cure the stagnant water problem when the boat is left unattended. The only way that I see to cure that is either to connect to the fresh water tank (via a swan neck), or for Amel to have an inlet adjacent to each toilet, as is done on most boats. However, I fully understand that they do not do this in order to stick to their philosophy of minimising through hull connections.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who is successfully flushing their toilets from the fresh water tank.


Ian Shepherd

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