Re: Front furler Bamar MEJ upgrade to EJF? Is it worth it?

Porter McRoberts

The EJF is fantastic.  Flawless operation and a pleasure to use.
No belt.  One just has to be careful, whereas the weakest link in the MEJ was the belt, the weakest link in the EJF may now be the deck hardware!  
A reckmann seems fine too, but were very happy with the EJFs after 15k+miles.
A54-152 IBIS

On Mar 2, 2020, at 3:15 PM, Stefan Schaufert <mail@...> wrote:

Dear Ameliens,


I consider to change the genua furler (MEJ) to the newest BAMAR model (EFJ?) - if the technic is much better then the MEJ-modell (bad engineered + belts) . There where recently 2 belts broken (within 4 weeks, after 6 month of working fine) - not nice + lot of hard work. A thing that I do not wont to have again.

Is in the new modell still a belt inside?

What is your experience?

Or is it wiser to go directly to a Reckmann?

Thanks for your responses.

Best regards
AMEL 54 N° 119 LADY CHARLYETTE, currently Dominica

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