Re: Headliner fix

Paul Stascavage

Just an FYI. 

I’m not sure what headliner was used in the 54 or earlier models of SM’s, Maramu’s, etc., but the headliner in our boat (SM #466) was still available about a year ago. It has a felt like backing. We are looking to replace the fine plush like material that lines the forward and captains berth walls and thought the headliner would be a good replacement material as well as match the rest of the boat.  Most SM’s we have seen have the pleated cushion material in these areas and it is attached with Velcro. Ours has this thin layer of material that appears to be glued in place. We haven’t completed the project yet as I am still trying to figure out if I will be able to remove these panels first. Hopefully this summer I will find some spare time to investigate further. It does appear that there are some screws behind the fabric but I am not sure if all the mounting screws are accessible. If anyone knows please let me know. 

Slightly off topic, but if anyone is interested, at the same time we purchased some of the original blue shower curtain material and had new curtains made. Again that was available as of about a year ago. 

All the Best,

Paul Stascavage
S/V Rita Kathryn SM #466

Currently Cruising Bahamas

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