Re: Front furler Bamar MEJ upgrade to EJF? Is it worth it?

Courtney Gorman

Porter there is tubing that comes out of the bottom of the unit and goes through the deck into the sail locker it serves two purposes it carries the wires for the power it also acts as the drain for the unit sometimes if this package is not stretched tight a loop is created near the Furler so water cannot drain which then allows
The break in the bottom of the Furler to rust and seize and the motor burns out

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Courtney.  Can you please expound? Obviously you took notice of something specific.
Always appreciated.
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Make sure with the Bamar that it is set up to drain properly otherwise the brake will fail and ruin the motor
Otherwise great piece of kit
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Hi Stefan,
I have, what I believe, the 3rd generation BAMAR. This version is NOT belt driven but gear driven.
No problems at all – major improvement over the previous 2 versions.
Best Regards Teun
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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Front furler Bamar MEJ upgrade to EJF? Is it worth it?
Dear Ameliens,
I consider to change the genua furler (MEJ) to the newest BAMAR model (EFJ?) - if the technic is much better then the MEJ-modell (bad engineered + belts) . There where recently 2 belts broken (within 4 weeks, after 6 month of working fine) - not nice + lot of hard work. A thing that I do not wont to have again.
Is in the new modell still a belt inside?
What is your experience?
Or is it wiser to go directly to a Reckmann?

Thanks for your responses.

Best regards
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