Re: Front furler Bamar MEJ upgrade to EJF? Is it worth it?

Jamie Wendell

Stefan, I had many issues with my Genoa MEJ on my Amel 54 - belts breaking and then a rusted-solid motor. Since I have an earlier Amel 54, I had the original smaller version.
In Martinique I replaced it with a Reckman furler. I will never go back. It is fantastic - twice as fast and you can use it in fairly heavy weather (with caution of course).
The only concern is the cost. It is roughly twice the price of the new Bamar.

If you can do it, I truly recommend the Reckman. Even now I have problems with my staysail Bamar. All the new Amels use the Reckman.

By the way, I do know of some folks that have had problems with the newer EFJ, but I am not sure what they did to address the concerns.

Phantom A54 #44

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