Re: Front furler Bamar MEJ upgrade to EJF? Is it worth it?

Arno Luijten

I replaced both furlers with the EJF’s. Since they use a planetary gear system instead of belts and worm-gears the torque provided by the furler is about twice as high compared to the original MEJ’s at the same power consumption. For me they are working well, When furling in strong winds I can’t hear the motor being stressed at all, it furls in quite smoothly.

I have a hard time understanding the thing Courtney mentions about the cable sleeve also used for draining any water that enters the unit. When you buy the units the sleeve is quite long and I cannot imagine some Italian designer thinks to use it as a drain pathway. It seems more that you must prevent water to enter the sleeve so it cannot reach the unit.

Do make sure you use the electronically controlled Boxtrons in conjunction with the new furlers as they also provide a soft-start to make it easier on the rig.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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