Re: Size of main anchor for Super Maramu

Karen Smith


Bill had the following comments on the anchor and bridle:

1.) Our anchor mate is designed to mount on the starboard side, however our setup is symmetrical so either would work.
2.) Our Mantus bridle is the 3/4 inch version.
3.) Yes, the chafe gear is well fit.
4.) It came with the original chain hook  Works great but is too big to go over the roller.  We now use a Spectra loop and large soft shackle to attach bridle to the chain.  Works great.
5.) Our chain is 10 mm g4 galvanized.

On the older style of Amel bow roller you might need to move the roller down and back to accommodate the higher shank of the larger Mantus.  Measure carefully.  This can be a pain because Amel welded the roller shaft to the side plates...

We use the Mantus bridle only when we expect to be in nasty weather.  90% of the time we use a 40 foot 3/4" 12 plait nylon line that we rolling hitch to the chain.

Karen Smith
SM Harmonie, #160
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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