Alan Leslie

Hi Teun,

I can't help you with Customs Broker in Brisbane, but I would think that pretty much any customs broker would be able to do it for you.

Just FYI, in New Caledonia, when you arrive and  clear customs (they never come to the boat) in Port Moselle, you complete the customs declaration and the Capitainnerie fax off the form to Customs and if you don't hear anything within a few hours then you are cleared in. If you want to get your imported items for the boat in duty and tax free, you need to ask the Capitainnerie to ask customs to send back an IFT number...they never send it without being asked...and often you need to ask a few times.....basically its the customs form you filled in with their reference number on it. Presenting that form to Fedex, DHL or whoever will ensure you don't pay tax or duty on items imported for the yacht in transit.

Elyse SM437

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