Re: How to clean the hull from diesel soot

Peter Forbes

Dear Carina,

I’m glad you are still going well - just for interest we did not have the black exhaust spot problem so I wonder if it is your engine or fuel combination? We used additives many different types which we bought as we sailed around.


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On 4 Mar 2020, at 03:15, CARINA HAMMARLUND <syultimo@...> wrote:

we love our Amel 54 but we constantly struggle to keep the exhaust side of the hull clean. A battle we often loose and after just another couple of days that black spot on the side start growing back - So frustrating.

It’s also very difficult to get rid of the soot as it seems to grow into the gelcoat. When in NZ we polished the boat with SealX and the result was stunning - for a couple of weeks.
Over time we’ve tried many many products but we still struggling and it’s so hard to clean the soot away and to keep the hull side clean. 

what products do you use to get rid of the soot?
We appreciate all tips and tricks:)
SV Ultimo
Amel 54 No 165

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