Re: Headliner fix

Robert Linley <minaxibob@...>

On my older SM6 I had the drooping headliner problem. My 1st fix was the wood strips idea screwed in to hold up the sagging areas. It looked good and lasted about 10 years before I had to start chasing kittens trying to “fix” new areas. Many of the wall sections are also peeling, such as captains berth and the heads. I am now considering the real fix of a total strip and new material (with proper protection per Joel). My concern is how to handle the areas of vinyl that were glued in place at the edges behind wood trim such as the wood wall panels in the window areas etc. does anyone know if these can be removed, I see no screws or attachment methods and do not want to mess up the fine woodwork.
SM6 Minaxi

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