Important Q for electrical engineers: Covering solar panels for Panama Canal transit - possible damage?

Scott SV Tengah


We are scheduled to transit the Panama Canal today and I'm trying to be extra careful with respect to covering the panels to avoid damage by the monkey fists thrown by the canal advisors.

Our intent is to use an extra sunbrella cover first and then put the cockpit cushions on top of that. I do recall somewhere that having complete shading on some parts of the panel but not others (as will happen with putting cockpit cushions on them) may cause hotspots and damage to the diodes.

Any electrical engineers or more experienced folks have an opinion on this?

We intend to turn off the master switches for pos/neg that are installed specifically for the solar panels. The 3 panels are setup in parallel, fyi. That should open circuit them and cause no current to flow and hence eliminate risk of damage, no?
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SV Tengah

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