Re: Front furler Bamar MEJ upgrade to EJF? Is it worth it?

Laurens Vos

I just ordered last week the Reckmann furlers.

Did as good as possible research on both options and found out that even when the Reckmann are almost double the price compared to Bamar that Reckmann is probably the better choice.

A 54 owner which has the new Bamars EJF for a few years on has boat found out that they having serious corrosion. It's difficult to find out how serious the corrosion is because only Bamar can open the units to service. 

After this came to my ear I made the decision for the Reckmann's. 

The quotation which I got from Bamar was € 16.846,= ex. VAT and from Reckmann 31.464,= ex. VAT 
On this prices comes VAT, the transportation and installation. 
Including all above prices are € 24.235,= and € 41.274,=

If anyone is interested in my old Bamar MEJ furlers send me a mail. 

Laurens Vos
A54 - Fun@Sea 
La Rochelle 

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