Amel service support in the Pacific

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I apologize if this sounds like a commercial, but when you are in remote places the following information can be very helpful:

When we arrived in New Caledonia we used Agents with Noumea Yacht Service for the customs/immigration process. Herve MOAL and Eva DUMAS, email: phone: (+687)24 01 23, offer very reasonably priced clearance services. On our arrival, Eva even met us at the dock and helped us with lines...great people.

Here is the really good part:
For years Herve was the Pacific Service Agent for Amel yachts and knows Amels thoroughly. He sailed many times with Henri Amel and he has circumnavigated in an Amel. Noumea Yacht Service also offers car rentals, tours, repairs, fuel arrangements, parts receipt, laborers, etc.


s/v Bebe SM2 #387
Noumea New Caledonia

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