Hi Teun,
I have just got back online after crossing and see you are wanting to get some bits for boat in transit in Queensland.
Ask to speak to “Bob Wallace” at Wallace International in Bris. If he does not look after you let me know, I will call him!  Bob knows all about imports into QLD for everything, he started the business in the 70’s. You can do free clearance for personal  boat in transit, pleasure craft.
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Hi Alan,


Thanks for the reply.


Agree that NEW CALEDONIA is NO problem at all. I sailed for about 18 months around NC (still own a mooring there 😊); during 2018 had a bunch of AMEL parts come in and even imported a complete new VOLVO D3 engine w/o the slightest problem. Even in VANUATU things went flawless when I imported parts from USA, all new sails from TURKEY as well as the OCTender from NEW ZEALAND, But, so far, AUSTRALIA is a complete different experience.


The frustrating part is that the AUSTRALIAN authorities (ABF) agree with the YACHT IN TRANSIT concept but I have yet to find a custom broker experienced with this procedure.


On another topic, but still related, if any foreign owned boat considers selling or even have the boat listed for sale (on the internet or overseas) when calling or sailing in AUSTRALIAN waters you will have to pay the import duty REGARDLESS if the boat will ultimately be sold to another non AUSTRALIAN and/or leaves AUSTRALIAN waters; and AUSTRALIA reinforces this vigorously and have officers checking websites for any boats for sale. ABF will ask you several times, when they come on board during clearance, if you plan to sell the vessel; this is also one of the reasons they want you to report the position of the boat every 3 months. I had heard this from other sailors in NEW CAL as well as in VANUATU and although I have no intention of selling AMELIT it was reconfirmed when a fellow A54 owner intended to sail to AUSTRALIA and sell his A54. We were planning to buddy boat to AUSTRALIA until I suggested him to verify this information; he did and then changed his destination to NEW ZEALAND.


Best Regards Teun

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Hi Teun,

I can't help you with Customs Broker in Brisbane, but I would think that pretty much any customs broker would be able to do it for you.

Just FYI, in New Caledonia, when you arrive and  clear customs (they never come to the boat) in Port Moselle, you complete the customs declaration and the Capitainnerie fax off the form to Customs and if you don't hear anything within a few hours then you are cleared in. If you want to get your imported items for the boat in duty and tax free, you need to ask the Capitainnerie to ask customs to send back an IFT number...they never send it without being asked...and often you need to ask a few times.....basically its the customs form you filled in with their reference number on it. Presenting that form to Fedex, DHL or whoever will ensure you don't pay tax or duty on items imported for the yacht in transit.

Elyse SM437

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