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Ian Park

Redid the aft cabin by putting new headlining on thin ply (glued and stapled) and self adhesive Velcro to hold in place on ceiling. Then replaced the wood strips along the joints. Glued the side panels direct, but where it went under wood (released by removing windows) We shaved the backing off on the parts where the wood fitted back on top. 
www. has some great advice on glue and how to replace lining. 
I took all the old lining from both heads and replaced it with domestic plastic shower panelling. It seemed more appropriate for a ‘wet room’ than fabric and has worked very well. 

Good luck. 


Ocean Hobo SN96

On 4 Mar 2020, at 17:11, Chip Beaman <chipfrog128@...> wrote:

I know it has been done by many on this forum. Can you please chime in on what it cost to have your headliners professionally replaced.  

thank you

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