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Patrick McAneny

Miles, I may do that. We passed you last winter/spring as we were leaving Martinique heading north and you were arriving. You were about 1/2 mile further out. Then this summer we were anchored next to you for a couple of days in Newport. Sorry we missed you, twice.
SM Shenanigans

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Hi Pat,
As I said in a previous note, I don’t remember what I used either, but I do remember looking it up in Practical Sailor.  I think it might be worth subscribing, if you don’t, just to look at their test results.  The different products varied a great deal in both cost and in quality and in toxicity.  
I hired a crew to do mine and I think that it took 3 applications and lots of scraping.  It was over 10 years accumulation.   I remember Practical Sailor talked about some products that were less toxic but took longer. 
As in many cases, there was no or little correlation between quality of product and price of product.
Miles,  s/y Ladybug, Le Marin, Martinique

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