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Patrick McAneny

Brent , I read all the articles and signed up for Practical sailor. I think I will buy a gallon of Peel Away and do a test on a section of the hull.
Thanks for sending the links,
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On my previous boat I used Peel Away to good effect to take off a few decades of bottom paint and get down to the gelcoat so I could strip it off and put on my barrier coat (Interprotect 2000 epoxy) and then again when I used it a few years later to get rid of the bottom paint as I was switching to a much more friendly to repaint solution that would only stick to my barrier coat.  It sits for a bit and then fairly easily scrapes off using a scraper and a putty knife.  It is temperature dependant (6 hours on a hot day and the whole day on cooler ones) and didn’t seem to hurt the gelcoat at all (or my Interprotect 2000 epoxy barrier coat) as long as it isn’t left on too long (more than 24 hours).  You do have to cover them (they sell a paper backing although I couldn’t get it so used a very cheap plastic painters sheet available at Home Depot) to slow down evaporation to give it more time to work and prevent it from drying out (which makes it tough to get off without starting over again).  As Miles says there are a couple of good articles on Practical Sailor (including one that came out just today).  Here are the links:
And a couple from a few years ago:

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