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Once again, more than you ever wanted to know about something Amel,


As preparing Amel boats for resale has been a major part of my life for nearly 40 years now, putting the best face forward to new prospects is important, especially the first moments they see the boat. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

All the Amel synthetic rubber rub rails such as on the older Kirk, Euros , Meltem, Sharki, Maramu and Mango and then the scupper/filler type on the Santorin and all but the last series of Red Line Super Maramu 2000’s are generally one of the hardest items to make look like new for more than a month or so once the sun has had its way with them. Once they get sun scorched and dry, nothing really brings them back much beyond preservation stage.


As our main concern seems to be Santorin and Super Maramu, I can tell everyone for certain that there is but one “size/profile” for the rub rail insert be it brown or white, Santorin or Super Maramu of all production years. The width between the inner edge of the rub rail to the outside of the bulwark is the same for both models. Just to be absolutely 100% sure of this, I asked Olivier to verify this and he was pleased to do so.


On the last of the SM 2000 series, 2004 until the end and the Amel 54, Amel installed a hard PVC insert that had as much ultra-violet protectant stirred in as chemistry would allow, so I was told. This true improvement also fits but is a real challenge to install without breaking it and is also a pain to ship as it is more rigid so bigger circles are required. It is quite a bit lighter , though. I did a side on two different boats that had some hurricane damage and it was such a PITA that I forced myself to forget how to do it least I would be required to do it again. Not for faint hearts, stick with the synthetic rubber.


I hope Bill Kinney can come up with the replacement being discussed. I’ll probably join in to keep some in reserve, as long as it has more anti ultra-violet agent than what it replaces.


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Eventually, UV exposure takes its toll. The surface finish can be restored in any number of ways, but eventually, the thin edges of the rubber begin to crumble. At that point it is only a matter of time before things go further and the rubber fails.

If your insert is in good shape, a regular application of 303 will help keep the UV at bay. Ours is old enough that the thin edges have become brittle and started to crack, there isn't anything that will bring that back. 

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