Re: Iridium go external antenna location

Arno Luijten

I’ve used an Iridium Go on a ocean trip once and did not use an external antenna at all. If you put the put the device under the sprayhood it works fine. You can get a waterproof USB cable for the power supply and that is all you need apart from an USB charger outlet at the helm. When I talked to the supplier about this he said the value of the external antenna is very limited.
Predict wind offers a unlimited data contract but I had exactly the same from a local supplier for the same money. 
I’m actually very curious when Iridium will introduce an updated model that can make use of the higher data speeds now offered by Iridium because of the new satellite infrastructure. The 2400 baud of the Iridium GO is really sloooow....


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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