Problem dismantling the main furler worm gear box

Paul Osterberg

Have problem to dismantle the shaft (see picture) from the main furling gear box. I need to get off the Aluminum "NOB" that connect to the main furler.
The inner shaft with the Aluminium "NOB" is totally stuck. Any suggestion how the get the aluminium "NOB" off the inner shaft?
Hopefully I can purchase the inner shaft from Maud, and maybe she has the Aluminium "NOB" as well. The Leroy Sumer gear box is available from Amel.
Anyone who have manage to get the worm gear off the outer shaft? On the out haul gear box the worm gear is attached with a retaining ring and easy to take off, but no retaining ring to be found in the furling gear box?
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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