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HydraNet is a good choice. The price you paid is quite reasonable as well. HydraNet is offered in both radial cloth and crosscut cloth. On the smaller Amels, like the Maramu's and Sharki's I would give some consideration to the crosscut, especially if the owner is looking to stretch his or her dollars. Even on a SM the crosscut HydraNet would work and be a far better choice than Dacron. It's only a 35 metre sail if I'm not mistaken.

Recently I met an Amel owner who had difficulties getting his brand new mizzen to properly furl. In this case the sail was built a bit long on the luff and it was hanging up where the extrusion narrows. The way the corner patches were constructed also contributed to the issue. Since he was no longer in the same area as the sailmaker he purchased the sail from the sailmaker he bought it from made arrangements for a nearby loft to make the needed modifications.

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Subject: RE: [Amel] Verical Batons
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Date: Saturday, May 23, 2009, 3:13 AM

We had new sails made by Omar Sails in Beaufort North Carolina. They are HydraNet radial , main with battens, Amel Logo, SM362 in Blue,
Mizzen has 4 battens ,Amel Logo and the Name "Nomad" in Blue,
both sails have leech and foot lines, UV cover at clew, bag with boat
name, and telltales.
Price is $5600
The vertical battens maintain the shape of the sails. The material is stronger than Dacron and more UV resistant. We received the sails in Oct 2008 and sailed  from RI to the Caribbean for the winter and are now on our way back to RI. During this time the sails have worked flawlessly. They furl with no problem. We have been in a gale with 67 knot winds on the way south and encountered no problems.
Paul at Omar has all the measurements from Amel for the SM as Henry Amel supplied them to him. Their work ios first rate along with their service as to time commitments and delivery.
He has made sails for a number of other Amel owners.

Paul LaFrance
SV Nomad #362

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Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 19:19:24 +0000
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Jim, another thought, the in mast batten free sail is a proven passage maker. Battens in the main with some roach in it will improve your windward performance I will agree to that. Just remember when you have to reef the main you'll have to go head to wind. When you get hit by heavy air you release the jib and main sheets. you then must get in all the jib to put the boat head to wind. The boom will be flailing out on your beam and will be head to wind but your bow isn't. If its blowing 45 knots the bow won't come to windward unless you sheet it back in, but you have a full main and you'l be trying to sheet it in while standing the boat on its beam ends. You will end up starting the motor to drive the boat up so you can get the boom lined up with the slot in the main, if there's any main left by now it just might work. This scenario is so easy with Amels way, we just ease the main out hawl and roll up some sail and never change course regardless of wind
speed or direction. If I had a reverse gear in my electric jib sheet winch, I'd never leave the helmsmen seat to do anything. What part of this do you not like? If you insist on this go a little faster ideal,make sure you don't go to the Med and get hit by one of their Mistrals, or the Atlantic and get caught in a white squall or where I just came from, 50 degree south and get blindsided by a 55 kt. williwaw blasting down a mountain.
           John   "Moon Dog" SM 248

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Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 23:21:30 -0700
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As a sailmaker I am not enthused with vertical battens although there are some  vocal proponents. There are issues with vertical battens getting stuck and causing problems. On a cruising boat you really don't want that risk.

Has your sailmaker built sails for a SM before? I saw one SM where a sailmaker made the sail a bit too long on the luff and built patches that were bulky. The sail required several modifications to fit properly.


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Subject: [Amel] Verical Batons
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Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2009, 4:32 PM

Hello All

We are in the process of ordering a new mainsail for our Super Maramu #207 and would like any feedback that we could get in reference to vertical batons. Are they something that would enhance the sail. Does anyone out there have a mainsail with vertical baton and what kind of performance does this type of sail give? Could they get stuck in the roller furling? Any advise or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Jim DeSalvo

SV Liebling

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