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Thanks for that. As you know I do not have a recommendation for bearing grease. The manufacturer of MD 466 EP is Sogelub. They recommend it as a solution for metal-to-metal surfaces. This synthetic grease is very good, but only readily available in Europe. If I was asked by a European client for a synthetic grease recommendation, MD 466 would be my #1 choice. I am sure that Amel made the correct choice.

Thanks, again.

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Hi Bill and thank you again for the effort to ease the sailor's life.

May I just make a little addition to this, even if the products you're referencing are excellents ?

I was trained in La Rochelle by Daniel Jourdain who was the mechanics at Amel's pontoon for the last 20 years.

Amel use the reference Sogelub MD 466 EP in many locations as I did for years with very satisfying results…

[Note] Perhaps not very easy to get abroad but for those who like to know. I will be happy to help



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