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Patrick McAneny

I bought the same bracket a few yrs. ago, I made a table fit for two, I found that we can leave it in place and it is not in the the way, and always available . Our table is more conventional ,rectangular with a lip around the perimeter and a mahogany  veneer. Great addition to the cockpit.

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Hi all,

Last year, we installed a cockpit table based on a Lagun structure and a skimboard. Yes, after looking for months for the perfect table top, a light bulb switched on in the fun sports department of a hardware store in Panama.

The Lagun arm idea came from a friend on an SM, who got the idea from a friend of his on another SM. It has since been used on a Mango, and Maramu friend is drooling over it. I think it would fit most Amel model i can think of.

Table tops are a personal choice but the skimboard, although looking “modern” (some may say weird) won it for being lightweight, weatherproof, very rigid, skid proof, very cheap (~$20!) and, as it turns out, very cleanable.

On a 54, it’s possible to find the right table dimensions to:

- Use it as a coffee table for everybody’s sundowners,
- use it as a dinner table for two, on either side of the mizzen, or other layout to stay out of the sun,
- use it as a computer desk, again in various parts of the cockpit,
- stay/swing out of the way of people moving in the cockpit while sailing or entertaining,
- open any cockpit locker and the engine room hatch(*) without removing the table,
- deploy and use the banquet cockpit table without removing the useful cockpit table,
- operate the winches on the mizzen.

We put it up more than a year ago in Panama and basically never removed it since.

(*) by cutting a wedge off the foot, the hatch can even open without raising the table.

Hope it will give you ideas and a many enjoyable alfresco meals.

Hiva Oa, French Polynesia

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