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Thomas Peacock

Hi Keith,
Boy, stretching my memory banks. 
The normally on/off disparity of the sensor relay did not seem to make a difference. I had actually bought another relay to add that would have reversed the signal, but did not need it. 
I do remember that, after putting the new sensor on, I also experienced some trouble getting the counter to work. I finally started waving a steel box cutter or some other steel device back and forth just a millimeter or so from the sensor, and that seemed to work, thus showing integrity of the system. I think I just tweaked the distance then, and it worked. The sensor is just a proximity device, the button on the windlass is not magnetic. I believe its activating distance is 20 mm or less. It will not sense at the distance of the drum, which is about 30 mm. 
You can also try testing the voltage coming from the sensor as you operate the windlass, it should spike with each turn. Make sure the three sensor wires are correct. Also, double-check that you’re getting 12 volts from the Sailor to the counter system. Make sure that the three wires are hooked up from the grey box and go to the windlass control device in the cockpit, which is 24 volts. One is ground, one is always hot (if breaker is on), and one is only hot when the windlass joystick is activated. Also, remember that you must have the joystick engaged for the counter to work, just waving steel by the sensor won’t work. 
Let me know if you have success

Tom Peacock
Aletes SM #240
St George, Grenada 

On Mar 8, 2020, at 10:54 AM, Keith Tice <amel@...> wrote:

Hi Tom,

I finally got the replacement sensor installed, but I am at the same place as you were on 26.April 2019.  The display in the cockpit lights up, but stays at Zero.

You described having the same difficulty, then later (23.May) you wrote that it works and was a bad sensor near the windlass. 

Between April 26 and May 23, what did you find was the problem.

The LED lights as the winch rotates… :-)

Now I re-check specifications….  I installed IFM5096  Normally Closed, PNP …  IFM5072 is Normally Closed, NPN…  IFM5076 is Normally Open, NPN

PNP sensors are sometimes called “sourcing sensors” because they source positive power to the output. NPN sensors are sometime called “sinking sensors” because they sink ground to the output.

I found I can order the IFM5072, depending on your answer, this is my next step…

Bikini SM 282

On 16 Nov 2019, at 22:05, Thomas Peacock <peacock8491@...> wrote:

I also replaced the sensor. I was concerned that I would have to install another relay to invert the signal, but that was not necessary. The replacement unit works well. 

Tom Peacock
SM Aletes #240

On Nov 8, 2019, at 11:53 AM, "heinz@..." <heinz@...> wrote:

I have the same one I get it 2 years ago and it works well. 

HEINZ Sm 2000, 292

Am 09.11.2019 um 03:09 schrieb Keith Tice <amel@...>:

My chain counter recently stopped counting.
Before it stopped it was counting when we weren't looking and not counting when the anchor was moving.  
I found that the Efector IB5076 induction sensor is no longer produced, but that the IB5096 is available.
The only difference in the data sheet is that the signal NPN for IB5076 is PNP for IB5096.   
Should this be a plug compatible replacement?  
I mean, one is on a lot and turns off and the other is off a lot and turns on. It is pulsing and the counter should just be counting pulses.  
What is the opinion here?
Bikini SM 282

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