Re: More Options for Rub Rail Inserts

Karen Smith

Right now we have eight people on the list.
  • Pat McAneny 
  • Kent Robertson
  • Joel Potter
  • Steven Davis
  • Dave Wilcox
  • Jeremey Hermans
  • Mark Garver
  • Eric Freedman
Plus one for Harmonie, makes nine. If I missed anyone, give a shout!

I am sending an email to everybody who expressed interest with status and details so we don't clog up the group here.  If anybody else wants to get on the list, send an email to "greatketch (at) yahoo . com"  We'll have a final price, including a shipping estimate, by the end of the week.  We'll be finalizing the production run shortly after that.  

I am expecting we'll be getting white, like the more recent production runs from Amel.  Matching the original "red" would be a custom formulation and quite a bit more expensive.

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