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Paul Dowd and Sharon Brown

Thanks Ulrich, I may see if I can find the Volvo dealer here.

S/Y Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98 - Grenada

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Hi, Paul,

this error message sounds very familiar… on our D3-110 we had 3 years ago, just when we wanted to leave, exactly such a message with red light warning, engine failure! no further information. You can read in your Volvo manual which error codes are displayed. But then you still don't know which error is present. In any case, you need a Volvo technician with a VODIA tester, who can read the error memory of your ECU and delete it later. In our case an experienced electronic technician first tried his luck, but he could only suspect a sensor error.
We then called the Volvo hotline to get a Volvo technician, which took time because we were on a small Greek island and didn't want to continue with the engine. With the tester he found the fault in two minutes: the boost pressure sensor. It had to be ordered, it was not in stock from Volvo in Greece, so it had to be delivered from Sweden. The whole thing cost us three weeks of our holidays and 1100 Euros. The (BOSCH) sensor costs about 150€, in our bill it were 280 €! The difference were diagnosis and traveling costs. Grrr...
It's a huge mess with the fully electronically controlled engines, just like in a car. In case of malfunctions you can only do the basics without tester and expertise. It's unimaginable when you are on a long passage and the error message comes. But the Volvo man had one small consolation: the engines all have an emergency program in background like in cars, that allows you to continue driving in a reduced gear without the engine breaking down. Of course, the oil and cooling must be right.

Hope this may help you a little bit, I like to recommend you to get directly in Touch with "VOLVO Action service“, a 24/7 „global break down service in 28 languages“.
Try +32 9 255 69 77 or (while you stay in Grenada): +1 336 393 4968.

My best wishes.
Stay calm and carry on..

Best Regards

„Soleil Bleu“ / A54 #088, Dodecanesos Greece.

Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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