Re: In mast Furler - A simple precaution for the (occasionally) inattentive skipper

Giorgio Ardrizzi

Complimenti, un'ottima idea, di facile realizzazione!

Giorgio Ardrizzi
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Hi all Amelians

after some month as "read only" member, during which I developed a sincere admiration for the level of competence of my fellow Amelians,  this is my first intervention as an active participant, with a humble but potentially money saver contribution.


Sometime ago, in my absence, a technician on board for an intervention must have deposed his toolbox or an equivalent heavy item right on top of the command panel (which, because of the intervention in progress was "on"), inadvertently activating the Main roller, which furled and unfurled many times inside the main mast, creating a solid tangle of aluminum profile and sailcloth inside the groove. In spite of the intervention of some of the most experienced riggers in the area, it resulted impossible to pull the sail out.

End result: one (almost new) mainsail cut and extracted in nice stripes of sailcloth, an internal al profile twisted beyond repair, a transfer to Amel's Hyères base, dismasting, replacing the profile, re-masting, buying a new main  and suing the insurance company for persuading them that the internal roller was in fact part of the (insured) Rigging.

Some months and about $15.000 later, in hindsight, I produced the small device shown in the photo . I am pretty sure that many Amelians have already produced something to the same effect  but, wathever the form it may take, I warmly recommend all colleagues to adopt if they are not so diligent as to remember to switch off the command panel from inside every time it is out of their sight.

Kindest regards to you all


Paolo Cuneo

SM 454 “WHISPER” currently in Genoa




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