Re: Front furler Bamar MEJ upgrade to EJF? Is it worth it?

Scott SV Tengah

No more problems with the ejf after one year and about 9000nm.

Bamar themselves told me the mej top seal is a bad design and they didn't want to sell us kits to rebuild it. A few others have opened their mej and confirmed the same. 

If you're going to keep the boat for a while, just bite the bullet and do it. 

On Mon, Mar 9, 2020, 16:46 Stefan Schaufert <mail@...> wrote:
Hello to all
and thanks for your appreciated informations.

do you think, the failure (seals/ water intrusion) is avoidable by maintenance or is it (again) bad design/ material?
Do you have any problems after changing the „dying cat“ with the „new“ EJF (It is 1 year ago now?)?

Thx a lot for your response.

Best regards
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