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Hi Vito
Long time no chat.

One of the many upgrades I did to "Minaxi" your old boat was a new vertical batten mainsail. My opinion is that it is well worth doing. Much better sail shape, not really a positive shape but much better than the regular negative cut sail. Just returned from the Caribbean and managed several 200 mile days, I would say the sail helped. No trouble reefing at all, just keep a little pressure on the outhaul.
Done many upgrades since you handed SM6 to us. One day I will get around to placing some photo's on the site.

Hope you and family are well and enjoying the bottom end of the World.

Best Regards

SM6 Minaxi

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Hi Everyone

I recently had the same problem with the Onan Genset. After much work including having the injectors serviced twice. The problem was a clogged mixing elbow. Thinking back on work I had done to the Volvo. I had to replace the mixing elbow as it was almost clogged with rust and carbon. This may be your problem.

I would like to hear more about your vertical batten mainsail. In fact I would like to hear peoples experience with them. I agree with you John about the ease of handling issue. Its just the main looks so bad when set. What are you up to now?

Vito Ciaravino
ASM # 283

LIving in Bay of Islands NZ (for now)

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I had the Banks loft in Kemah, Tx build them.  Trent and Mark (last names escape me right now) were the ones I dealt with, good guys and did a great job.
Stuck in Charleston, SC waiting out this storm after 10 days in the Bahamas and won't have time to get her up to the Chesapeake before I have to go back to work, so having some time to work on a few things.  Still no solution to the engine RPM problem, but realized that there is a good bit of smoke after motoring across from Abaco in light winds right on the stern (still haven't got her rigged to use the downwind setup), the whole aft port topsides are soot stained.  Starting to think it's an air issue rather than a fuel issue.  Will follow up on all the great advice the group offered this week.  Anybody have a good experience with a diesel mechanic in Charleston?
Anybody have any advice on getting the hi pressure hoses on the watermaker to stay on?  Ray Eaton said he found one off while the boat was in Ft. Lauderdale and fixed it, but it blew off again as soon as I turned the watermaker on.  Couldn't get it to stay after several tries,  so had a compression fitting one made in Marsh Harbor.  That one stayed on but the next one down the line blew off at 50 psi.  Whazzup widat?
Met George at the Charleston City Marina on first encounter "out there" with another Amel.  Pretty cool.
Thanks for all the group's advice, don't know what I'd do without you.
Kent Robertson
Kristy SM 243

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Which Banks Sails loft were you working with? I used to work for Banks Sails in Florida and hat a lot of fun there. I still have some good friends involved with Banks. There's a lot of talent in that group but of course I'd rather see people buy sails from us ;-)

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Banks Sails made my new main with vertical battens, and they really do seem to give the sail a better shape than other non-battened in mast furling sails. They easily roll into the mast as long as a little pressure is maintained on the outhaul while the sail is furled and unfurled.

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